Wednesday, March 30, 2016

10 Things Women Need to Stop Apologizing For


Women have a tendency to apologize far too much in their day-to-day lives.


Too often, we waste our breath saying we're sorry for things that don't warrant having to ask for forgiveness. Whether we do it because we think it's polite or we fear others' judging eyes, it's not time well spent. So, once and for all, turn your many sorrys into one big “sorry I'm not sorry.”


Here are 10 things women need to stop apologizing for:


1. Stop apologizing for what you eat


You can still be a yogi and eat meat. You can still be a health expert and crave a soda. You can still be a health and wellness aficionado and scarf down some pizza when cheat day arrives a few days early. No one should apologize for not being perfect. True, you should practice whatever it is you preach, but can you really be “on” all the time?



2. Stop apologizing in your yoga class


Yoga classes can pack a surprising amount of mats into such a small space. And sometimes your flow and creativity can cause you to move off your mat and brush body parts with your neighbor. The common response is to say “I'm sorry!” for fear you'll be thought of as rude or aloof. But yoga is the last place you're meant to feel restricted, as is any other type of workout class or exercise. Instead, give that person a friendly smile and carry on with your practice.



3.Stop apologizing for the size, shape, or color of your body


One size does not fit all in the world of health and wellness. Eating well, exercising often, attending regular yoga classes, being a personal trainer, a fitness enthusiast, a yoga teacher, a vegan, or a health expert does not have a certain size, shape, or color. Stop thinking you can't really be any of these things just because it's not what is advertised in a magazine. Your passions have no boundaries.




4. Stop apologizing for not being in the mood


Sometimes you're just are't in the mood for a little bump and grind. Maybe you have a lot going on in your life… maybe you just ate a whole pizza, or maybe they smell bad. Quit apologizing for not wanting to do it ALL THE TIME. Tell them to take a shower and comeback later. It's your body. Don't be sorry.



5. Stop apologizing for wearing, or not wearing, makeup


No one needs to know why you decided to sport some falsies for a Vinyasa flow. No one needs to know why you didn't have time to dry your hair or put on foundation to meet up for a professional or friendly get together. How you look is your choice, and there is no right or wrong way to go about it. Always do you, even if it's the result of a mistake.



6. Stop apologizing for having an emotional reaction to something


When you have an emotional reaction to something, don't hold back. If you laugh at something your yoga teacher says, weep as you lay in savasana, or burst out in tears of joy from completing a grueling workout, let it be! Self expression is one of the most powerful forms of healing.



7. Stop apologizing for taking a few days off from exercising


Taking a mini break from hitting the gym, your nightly yoga class, your running group, etc. may seem like a strange thing to do when it's become such an intricate part of your daily routine, but sometimes you just need a rest – mentally and physically. When you realize enough time has passed and you get back in your typical groove, don't feel like you need to tell your teacher or your exercise pal how sorry you are that you have been missing in action – it's your choice and your business.



8. Stop apologizing for your complicated order or for sending something back to the kitchen


So you want to be healthy when you go out to eat – how dare you! These days, we are all more aware of how bad the food out there can be for us. Don't be afraid to ask the server to go light on the butter or if they have gluten free substitutions. You're looking out for your health and you should get a pat on the back. And if your food or drink isn't what you were expecting send it back. Open your throat chakra and do everyone a favor. Tell them how it is. Maybe the kitchen is unaware that their drink special tastes like shit.



9. Stop apologizing for not meshing with your yoga a teacher, a class or a studio


Not all yoga studios, gyms, teachers, music playlists, or classes are created equal. Just because you love to workout, love to go to yoga, or love a certain teacher, doesn't mean you will always connect to every teacher or studio that you try. Sometimes you're just not feeling it, and it's your prerogative to ditch that which doesn't serve you.



10. Stop apologizing for being confident


When we find ourselves rocking confidence, we tend to receive both positive and negative feedback. This makes us wonder if we should tone it down. But in a day and age where body positivity reigns supreme, all I can say is: be your biggest, baddest, boldest, most beautiful self.



Apologizing has its time and place, but choose it wisely, and know the difference between a warranted apology and one that serves as nothing more but a mask for your unnecessary fears or insecurities of what others might think. Own it!


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